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Manufacturer / Dealer offering new and used diecast machines, remanufactured, and
rebuilt die casting equipment, trim presses, shot ends, shot controls,
retrofit manifold packages and replacement parts.

  • Die-Cast-Machine-PrecisionOur Die Cast Machines are made with precision so you can manufacture with precision.
  • Trim-Press-PartsDie cast machines and Trim Presses to help you manufacture die casting components

Die Cast

DCP's new die casting machines offer maximum up-times making it the most dependable machine on the market. They consistently deliver quality parts.

For these two reasons, you can't help but increase your productivity with a new die cast machine from Die Cast Press.

Available in Zinc, Aluminum, Lead and Brass, DCPís die cast machines are built for long term endurance.

Trim Presses

After years of remanufacturing our competitors trim presses, we've designed exactly what the industry needs. Standard Hydraulic Regenerative Trim Presses with dual casting ejection cylinders and hydraulic bumper ejection plates with dual cylinders.

Designed with portability in mind, these trim presses feature bolt-together assembly for ease in shipping, rigging and assembly. Available in vertical and horizontal series.

Shot Ends

A high velocity self contained shotend from DCP are easily installed on all makes of die cast machines.

Unsurpassed repeatability and consistency - Super response time and excellent transitions in all phases - Diagonal ramping capabilities thru acceleration speed changes - Super high density castings - Integrated cartridge valving and a direct-coupled piston accumulator -

Retrofits available for 100 through 3,000 ton machines - Hot chamber shot ends - Cold chamber shot ends. Intensifier pressure control available on all new DCP shot ends.

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Used Machines

There is a continually changing inventory of used machines available, ranging from fully rebuilt machines to machines that can be remanufactured to meet your specifications. 
If you're not able to find anything that fits your needs, submit a request to purchase and we'll help you look.

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"It's like getting a brand new machine,
with new technology and higher performance, but without the high price tag".

Purchasing new equipment is undoubtedly expensive. Have you ever considered remanufacturing a used machine? DCP will rebuild your die casting machine to it's original OEM specifications or remanufacture your machine to exceed original specs to be equal to a new machine! Choose from one of our used machines for added savings.

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Maintenance Schedules


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Well maintained machines require fewer downtimes, but not every manufacturer has an in-house maintenance staff dedicated to die casting equipment. Die Cast Press offers affordable maintenance packages for all die cast machines and trim presses.

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Die Cast Machine Replacement Parts


Newly manufactured parts are available for not only diecast machines and trim presses, but also for all kinds of molding and casting machines.

Die Cast press can manufacture replacement parts for our own machines as well as Prince, HPM, Kux, Castmaster, National, B&T, Irda, Frech, Birch, KR Wilson and many more.

Call for details, a quote or to place your order today.

Replacement Parts


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