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Shot Controls

Custom Shot End with
Real Time, Programmable Velocity
and Intensification Control


    Shot Control
  • Self Contained Reservoir available with motor/pump unit and valving for charging of gas bottle driven piston accumulators and independent operation for shot end
  • C Frame for easy mounting of shot end by your maintenance team or our field service personnel
  • Shotends available from:150 Ton - 3500 Ton
  • Flange mounted cylinder with integral manifold mounted valving
  • Meter out shot circuit with manifold mounted Olmsted 2-Way Throttling Valve, driven by the HR Textron R-DDV servo pilot valve
  • 4:1 Multiplier with piston accumulator for fast response, and including an integral manifold mounted servo valve or proportional valve for closed loop programmable intensification pressure control
  • Integral Visi-Trak Sensor assembly on shot piston rod with custom non contacting transducer mounting for reliable and accurate feedback
  • Visi-Trak Worldwide, Sure-Trak2 control and monitoring for real time, velocity and intensification control.

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Article: Shot Control Retrograde Extends Machine Life, Enhances Performance and Capability of Shot System

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"Shot Control Retrograde Extends Machine Life, Enhances Performance and Capability of Shot System"


Visi-TrakSure-Trak2 Benefits:

  • Real Time Velocity and Pressure Control
  • Reduce air entrapment during the slow phaseVisitrak Logo
  • Repeatability regardless of changes
  • Extremely responsive
  • Deceleration control for low impact
  • Programmability in engineering units
  • Easy to retrofit to your existing machines, or specify on new machines
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