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Shot Control Manifolds


Key Benefits

Binary Valve Manifold


Regulate shot oil flow
for faster velocities and
more consistent shot



  • Shot Control ManifoldDin Cartridge Bores
  • Manifold mount valving
  • Compatible with all shot control systems
  • Steel manifold in design for longer life reduces part washout
  • Replacement of Olmstead type spool valves
  • Replaces

Binary shot systems
B&T spool type shot systems
Biconstance shot systems
Servo Shot Plus systems


  • Fast shot response times
  • Higher oil flows for faster shot velocities
  • Direct replacement of existing manifold
  • Inexpensive Solution to replacement of binary valves and Olmstead valves
  • Designed for Easy Troubleshooting
  • More consistent shot profiles
  • Standard off-the-shelf-hydraulic valves for easy upgrades and replacement parts

    Shot Control Manifolds for more consistent shot profiles

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