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Replacement Parts

Die Cast Press specializes in replacement parts that service not only the die casting industries, but also Plastics, Heavy Industrial, Food, Medical, Trucking, Mining, Analytical, Farming and Waste Management.

Below is a sample listing of parts that we carry.

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Available Replacement Parts

  New Hydraulic Cylinders - Vickers, Hydro line, Parker, Schaeffer, etc.
  Hydraulic Pumps - Vickers, Parker, Rex Roth, Denison
  Hydraulic Pump Seal Kits - for most hydraulic pumps
  Pump Rebuild Kits - Vickers, Parker, Rex Roth and Denison pumps
  New Hydraulic Power Units
  Hydraulic Motors - Charlyn, White, Vickers and Parker
  Water and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
  New Hydraulics and Valves - Vickers, Parker, Rex Roth, Denison and Olmsted
  Hydraulic Oil Filters - High pressure and suction
  Pneumatic Air Valves
  Perma Seal Piston Rings
  Air Lines and Fittings


  O Rings
  Poly Seals
  Gasket Material
  Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings
  New Tobul Piston Accumulators
  Electric Pump Motors
  Complete Auto Lubrication Systems, Parts and System Design  - Trabon, Lincoln, Bijur
  Visi-Trak Shot Control Systems
  New Proportional Valves  - Parker and Olmsted
  Replacement Parts for Die Cast Machines  - B&T, Prince, HPM, Idra, Buhler, LK, Lester, Kux, Italpresse, Hauser, TNT, Frech, UBE and more
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