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Pump Pressure Control Manifolds


Key Benefits

Pressure Control Manifolds

Control loading & unloading
of the pumps for the
main system pressure



Pressure Manifold

  • Vickers cartridge relief valve for pressure control on die lock
  • Low pressure, high volume GPM cartridge solenoid relief valve for die close.
  • Shot accumulator charge and shot return controlled by a 2nd cartridge relief. These two units control pressure, volume and GPM for die close and shot circuit.
  • Pump Pressure Manifold PackagesManifold to be drilled for high/low circuit for die close.
  • Additional pressure ports can be drilled if needed for cores or hydraulic ejector. (Please specify at time of order.)
  • Optional high pressure Vickers 10 micron filter manifold.
  • Installable on any make of machine to standardize.


  • Compact in design - takes up 75% less space on most machines

  • Higher oil flows for faster machine rates
  • Din cartridge tolerates dirt better for longer life and increased up time
  • Uses off-the-shelf Vickers hydraulics for easy upgrades and replacement parts
  • Saves Energy with an auto pump unload feature which shuts off when machine is at rest
  • There is also less heat generation.
  • Extends pump life due to decreased pumping time
  • Designed for Easy Troubleshooting

Manifolds for Pump Pressure Control

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