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Custom Die Open and Close Hydraulic Manifolds


Key Benefits

Die Close Manifold


Regulate oil flow to your
clamp and keep your upper
half running smoother longer


Olmstead Die Close Manifold


  • Die close cartridge valving can be controlled manually or adjusted electronically through a PLC
  • Custom solutions are available for all makes and types of machines, some with direct replacement option
  • 25mm to 100mm cartridge manifolds availableDie Close Manifold
  • Die open/close manifold to replace existing spool type valves like the Olmstead spool type four-way valve, can be replaced within a day


  •  Double your GPM and weekly production rates with a new manifold designed for a regenerative circuit
  • Handle higher pressures for longer periods of time with superior 1025-1030 steel
  • Minimize downtime due to oil leaks with O-ring flanges which create leak free conditions. Also the outdated telescopic tube lines are replaced with direct hose systems which won’t crack. You also won’t have to deal with the old spool type valving any more which makes for easy valve replacements.
  • Designed for Easy Troubleshooting
  • Enjoy simple installation and maintenance with hydraulic drawings and installation instructions which are provided

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